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Quick Home Loans Provides The Top Loan Solutions For First Home Buyers.

Yes, Quick Home Loans was created so that first home buyers like you, who aren’t seasoned investors and who don’t understand home finance, can easily get a mortgage loan approval from TOP lenders on your dream home, at the best interest rates! Let me show you it works:


Finally our experienced team can guide you through finding the property with the Best Bang for your Buck! Yes, Myself and my awesome team are Seasoned Investors and also operate a successful buyers advocate business where we literally Find and Purchase investment properties for world class investors and investment firms.

Quick Home Loans

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Quick Home Loans Gives You The Information And Strategies You Need In One Convenient Meeting!

Yes, Our Brokers Will Do All The HARD Work To Get You The BEST Home Loan You Need To Break Into The Property Market, OWN and Asset For You and Your Children’s Future And STOP Paying Rent!!

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Our team of specialist mortgage brokers are ultra experienced in hard to get loans have families and home loan brokers …

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Not Sure How Easy The Home Loan Process Can Be?

Tell us what your situation is with our quick quiz and we will taylor a perfect loan solution for you then the right home loan detective on our team will call you and show you the EXACT type of loan you should apply for!

AND…. as-well as brokering the application for you, we’ll GIVE YOU a structured plan to get it over the line in no time FLAT!

That’s why people choose us…. it’s a no brainer.

Home loan approval process


Fill in some details and we will get working on your FREE NO-Obligation info call. We wont enquire on your credit file untill we have spoken, dont stress!

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Small Business Owners:

In Less Than 10 Minutes, You Can Find Out How Quick & Easy It Is To Get A Home Loan...

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” I’ve been worried about our chances of getting a home loan because I’m self employed and my partner works part time around the kids. Before calling Ian, the idea of never owning an asset for our future was daunting to me. We felt like we were never going to get ahead and our kids would struggle too. It took one call to Ian and he worked out a fantastic solution! We don’t even know why we were stressing about it” – Brendan Bunting

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Our Mobile Mortgage Brokers Can Visit You aat Any Of These Locations”


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Hard loans, Refi Loans, Subcontractors Loans, Home Loans Done Fast!

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QuickHomeLoans Gives You THE SECRET Info You Need To Apply, Secure and Own Your New Home In NO TIME!

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**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Quick Home Loans. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. Please note that QuickHomeLoans is not a business opportunity. QuickHomeLoans is a website and QuickHomeLoans that helps people get loans their products and services online. **

Here Are A Few FAQs We Get Quite A Lot:

Well it’s completely financial cobber! We have updeenths of experience dealing with all sorts of peeps with all sorts of home loans. From bad credit rating peeps to subbies just trying to make a buck. So here’s out 2 cents.

  1. Call Us – 03 9001 7611
  2. Check Out Our Mortgage Calculators
  3. Facebook Message us 

Biggest question in the world! Well were ultra successfull motgage brokers so we get asked this alot. We can give an opinion based on experience but we always reccomend getting a REAL valuation. Give us a call and we can organise it for you. How easy is that. We just need

  • Location of house (address)
  • How many bedrooms/Bathrooms etc
  • Pool, Shed, Bergola etc


In Victoria home loan deposits are ranging from 5%-30% depending on the loaner. Although there are many %5 deposit options available, we always suggest to save 10% especially on your first home. This will allow closing costs and insurance to be paid. A Guarantor and other circumstantial benefits can also reduce deposits. Call our specialists now and see what can be done for your circumstance.

An offset account is a transaction account linked to your home loan that can help lower your interest payments over time when holding savings. You can make deposits or withdraw from it as you would with a regular transaction account. Need to know more? Call our staff for a free no obligation consult!

Of Course! Our Mortgage Brokers are here lierally Waiting for you to call. We Love talking loans and feed off your questions. Call us Now….. PLEASE! 😃

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25 to 30 year loans are very common. Depending on what you do with your month to month income you could pay down your Mortgage in leass than 10 years if you really wanted. Speak to our team to find out how!

Well this is an easy-hard question. We all know HOW to save but most of us fail at getting it done. Our top tip is to check out 👉 Scott Pape’s – The Bare Foot Investor

Ahhh the magic question! Its as easy as 1..2..3.. Simply call our team and you’re on your way. They will walk you through its all and get you the home you always wanted. Ask noice and they will even help you find it! We can act as a buyers advocate and do all the negotiations for you to save you loosing buckets of cash to greedy real estate agents.

Refinancing can save you $1000s by ensuring your paying the lowest interest rate possible at the current time. Why not take the 60 second Refinance Quiz to find out if your eligible right now! Click – REFINANCE QUIZ

Speak With A Pro For Free:

No obligations, no contracts, jump ship at any time.

QuickHomeLoans Gives You THE SECRET Info You Need To Apply, Secure and Own Your New Home In NO TIME!



Home Loan


ABout Us - Quick home Loans

There is something permanent, and something incredibly profound is owning a home.”

If you have narrowed down the search to buy the dream house for you and your family, then we are here to help you. If you don’t have a large surplus of money laying around to support a cash deal on your your dream then, like thousands of Australian’s you need a home loan. No problemo, The Quick home loans team is here to assist. A mortgage broker is the first point of contact that people need when they apply for home loans. It is not easy to explore the right lender, and lengthy procedures & technicalities make it even worse, let alone pandemics and job insecurities. The finance broker has the utmost importance in this tiring, time-taking, and lengthy process, especially when you are living in a city like Melbourne, Australia. We can help you to find a dream house by acting as your trusted ally.

Who are we?

First thing first— Yes! We are mortgage brokers – The Best in fact. In short, we work as a middleman between you and your lender and helps you to get a good deal on you mortgage because we deal with lenders all day long. Our real job is to work on your behalf and find the perfect lender who fits your circumstance and connects with you on a deeper level showering love and unity…. Nah, Thats BS. We know you really don’t give a rats about Banks and lenders. You simply want the BEST rate with the LEAST deposit in the FASTEST timeframe without all the totally annoying and stress-full paperwork. 

Our responsibilities and duties

We do not merely consider you as our customers; we ensure to support you at each step of your home loan journey and try to do as much of the hard stuff as we can. There are some following duties and responsibilities through which our organisation maintains a partnership with you.

  • Quick home loans act as a financial expert to explore financing options for real estate purchase or refinancing.
  • We are connected with the network of lenders and institutions to find the loan, negotiating with the lenders to decide the terms. We determine the conditions that are in the best interest of our esteemed borrowers.
  • We work in a way to understand your financial objective and needs.
  • We find the options that suit your situation, and you can afford to borrow.
  • We explain each step for our esteemed customers, such as interest rates, features, and fees.
  • After the loan application approval, we oversee the signing of the loan documents and take care of all legal work.
  • At the last step, we manage the whole process until you meet your lifestyle goals.

How do we work?

“Quick home loans team are the bestest totally awesome licensed, financial professionals. We gather documents, pull your credit history, verify income, and apply for loans on your behalf. Pretty boring huh.

We work independently to give you excellent service by offering home buyers and owners mortgage financing options from different lenders. We work with our professional staff to ensure the best service for our customers. Our team is a professional degree holder, and we are experts in state and federal laws. The main aim of quick home loans is to work as your ally by understanding your financial objective for the best outcome.

Everyone is different, and we make sure to provide you an opportunity to choose from the list of services. Right now, we are working with multiple quality lenders in Victoria Australia, where hundreds of home loan options are available. We are connected with the big banks and numerous small business lenders to help you find the right loan.

Our qualities to find the right home loan to fit your future

“Quick home loans” is the ultimate Mortgage solution and we are based in Victoria, Australia. Let us find the best deal for you. We ensure swift and reliable service. its just the Fastest way to a home loan guaranteed.

Best service

We know that you need financial help to convert your dreams into reality; that’s why we work hard. We always work hard to find the right home loan that fits with your thoughts and financial situation. We know there are hundreds of mortgages available, and we provide top-notch service to find the best rates and features for you. We are always here to provide expert information and advice which will help you to find financial solutions.

Team of professionals

We work as a team of professionals who has vast knowledge in the real estate industry. Our professional workers know what it takes to perform best in the industry; that’s why they always starve to get more knowledge. Each of our personnel and consultant has years of experience and expertise to deal with your different financial situations.


We know the importance of communication; that’s why our communiqué skill is of top-notch. We consider ourselves a piece of the puzzle that will help you to make your picture clear. The top priority of “Quick home loan” is to keep you inform from each step and ensure the best possible outcome for each involved party. We try to explain to you in simple terms instead of technical conditions of real and mortgage broker industry.

We are more than the home loan service.

We know that you expect us to be more than the home loan providing service. So, to meet your expectations, we are offering a wide range of financial assistance so you can rely on us for more financial options. We want your financial position secure from all sides; that’s why you can always ask for our professional expertise and opinion.

Our star solutions to ensure the best service

Here are the following services you can expect with our experienced mortgage broking firm;

  • Quick home loans provide solutions for first home buyers by delivering a step-to-step pre-approval process. 
  • Give answers to all of your questions and concerns like how much you can borrow and the interest rate.
  • We provide you the solution to get maximum value against your money by discussing the government grants for first home buyers.
  • The professional team of the “Quick home loan” mortgage broker company will help you to find the best investment deal against your money.
  • We will work hard to find the best home loans to secure your children’s future. You can simply contact the 24/7 customer service to ask your questions.

Other than the above solutions, we work tirelessly to assist you in every financial matter. Talk to us about…

  • Home loans
  • Personal loans
  • Investment loans
  • First home loans
  • Small business/ business investment
  • Financial planning
  • Financial advice
  • Budgeting and legal work related to the real estate industry

Why should you choose the quick home loan?

Quick home loan located in Victoria Australia, where it is not easy to get the home loan on your own. So, here are the following reasons for which you should choose our service over others.

We give you all information and strategies.

It is our fundamental rule to gather information before you take the first step because it gives you a complete insight of the situation. Quick home loans make sure to arrange one convenient meeting to discuss all things like;

  • How can you get a home loan even if your credit history is not right?
  • How will they manage to pass through all the processes in less time?
  • How will they manage to make the process of home loan easy for the small business owner?

We follow the detailed process of home loans.

You just need to discuss your financial situation by giving us a call at our 24/7 available customer service. After providing the brokering application, we will get back to you with the best possible solution. Quick home loan elaborates all of the loan procedures systematically with no chances of delay. All of the processes work in the following steps; 

  • Apply for the loan by calling 24/7 available customer service
  • Chat with one of the team’s professional correspondents and discuss your problems, requirements, and expectations from service.
  • Once the lender and borrower agree upon the terms and conditions, you get the home loan’s approval.
  • Last but not least, buy your dream property and secure your future with our professional finance broker team’s help.

Apart from the above services, we try to help you in every possible way. Here are the following additional services through which you can get an advantage of our premium service;

Loan calculators: Through loan calculator, you just need to visit the main website and quickly find out how to repay your loan. The loan calculator helps you to access the spending and re-payment time before applying for the loan.

Broker Location: Quick home loans is also providing the facility of a mobile finance broker who can visit you at your comfort place. You just need to make a call, and our professional mortgage broker will be at your location for discussions or information.

Advantages to choose us over others

“Get rejected by the bank, go see a broker. Get accepted by the same bank.”

Save your money with no hidden charges.

Hidden charges have become standard for most mortgage broker forms, but this is not the case in Quick home loan premium service. Hiring quick home loans give you the most significant advantages of finding low-interest-rate loans with no hidden charges.

Negotiation on your behalf

We consider our customers as an asset and try to provide an excellent service with minimum charges. Our superb service pampers you from the hassle and negotiates on your behalf, saving your precious time.

It is one-stop-shop

What else do you need other than this cool feature? You can call our finance broker service as a “One-stop shop,” which gives you the facility to get all services at one door. You should not waste your time trying different companies to get an excellent deal.

More accessible than bank loans officers

It is tough to get a loan deal from major and small banks due to the lack of legal and technical knowledge. It is the best solution to hire our service, which delivers all the services at your doorstep without any hassle.

We work with you in the long run

We have vast experience in the real estate industry and work for your best interest. We always give priority to our customers by providing long term solutions. Our team of mortgage brokers in Australia always keeps you up-to-date on the new trends and changes from the finance industry.

24/7 free calling service

Most of the broker companies do not provide the 24/7 calling service; they are only available at fixed office hours. But it is not the case in quick home loan service because you can call us 24/7 to get the free advice and answers for your queries.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the reasons that give us a competitive advantage over other mortgage brokers and banks?

Our customers are our priority, and we always feel happy to help you with all financial matters. Due to our special bond with customers, we try to extend our services in their best interest. Due to the following reasons, you should choose us over others;

  • You will get the VIP service throughout the process without facing any complications and legal hassles.
  • We consider your work as our own and find the best lenders with less interest rate. The professionals have the flexibility and expertise to meet your needs by providing custom-made services and solutions.
  • If you decide to hire us, then you will get the most advantageous deal. You get a knowledgeable consultant with problem-solving abilities to find a perfect financial agreement.
  • We guarantee to provide the best interest rates with the most exceptional re-payment terms and conditions.

How to contact us?

If you are looking for a home loan or any kind of financial help, we encourage you to contact us. It takes time to understand your business objective and needs and prepare a personalized solution for you. We always encourage our customers to contact us personally so we can understand their condition in a better way. Here are the following methods to contact us;

  • You can visit the office place in Melbourne Australia to get an expert opinion.
  • If you do not want to visit the main website, you can dial the 24/7 available number to discuss the matter of concern.
  • You can also request for the “Broker Location” service to get the expert opinion of professionals at your decided place.

How can I get advice from experts?

We are offering a cool feature of “Secrets of home loan hacking,” which is answered by Ian Mackinnon. If you want to get the expert opinion, just scroll up and fill up the small pop-up box. After entering your details, one of our team’s representatives will book your appointment with “Ian Mackinnon.” Our “Loan Hacking” service is free, and we just designed to help our customers if they are looking for an expert opinion.

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